The Shape of Knowledge

As the Chief Information Officer of a $15 billion global corporation, Debra Walker searched for tools that could capture and leverage the knowledge in her organization. When she couldn't find them, she decided to create them herself. She cofounded Apprentice Systems Inc. (ASI), an organization whose mission is to empower people by helping them turn what they know into apps for others to use, no coding required.

To accomplish this mission, Apprentice Systems identified common patterns underlying seemingly diverse solutions, and built tools that harnessed those patterns to automatically generate software applications that solve real world problems.

"The Shape of Knowledge: A Practical Guide to Transforming Information into Dynamic Solutions" describes what these patterns are, and how they can be used to transform unstructured information into useful knowledge. The book describes the conceptual foundation for ASI's approach, but it also contains many real world examples and visuals that make the concepts easy to understand. It offers suggestions for how to get started building your own knowledge-based application and links to free tools that can help you be successful.

The Shape of Knowledge describes how teams of people can collaborate to build solutions that go beyond what any one team member can do individually. It also provides a vocabulary and framework that can help teams discuss complex problems and their solutions.

If you are ready to move beyond blogging and posting videos, if you want to share what you know in a new way, The Shape of Knowledge will help you get started. It is a thought-provoking book that will make you think about knowledge in a whole new way, and even more important, it will tell you how to use these new ideas to transform your knowledge into real world solutions.

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