We understand the shape of knowledge.

In a world overflowing with information, we help you see the underlying patterns.

Structure guides diagnosis and design.

Successful patterns of thinking can improve decision making, process engineering and product design.

Harness everyone's energy and experience.

Use realtime collaboration to build solutions based on everyone's knowledge.

Unique perspective.

Our experience across diverse industries let's us see the simplicity on the other side of complexity.


Pattern identification.

Learn how different knowledge shapes can be used and reused to capture patterns of reasoning.


Realtime collaboration.

We have tools that let you brainstorm and work together, anytime, anywhere, from any device.


Web app generation.

Use our tools to transform knowledge patterns into web apps, without writing computer code.


Shape Information into Knowledge

In today's world we are fortunate to have vast amounts of information at our fingertips. Yet even with unprecedented amounts of data readily available, we often find ourselves searching unsuccessfully for the guidance we need to solve complex problems. We learn the hard way that information does not equal knowledge, and too much information, if not properly structured and harnessed, can lead to confusion rather than insight.

At Apprentice Systems we've learned that what elevates information into knowledge is structure and context. Structure 'connects the dots' by creating relationships between islands of content; context 'prunes' that structure to match our current goals and constraints. We also know how to help people close to the problem identify the right structure for a solution and link it to the available information.

“At Apprentice Systems we build the tools I was searching for when I was CIO... ”

Debra Walker, Co-Founder of Apprentice Systems


Tap into your most important resource!

Your people know the answers, they just need a way to express what they know. Create synergy and put your team's knowledge into action.