Legal Apprentice

Legal Apprentice is an online system for capturing knowledge about legal reasoning, codifying decided cases for analysis, and using legal reasoning templates to prepare new cases.

Legal Apprentice is an example of a 'go/no go' style decision model, where a single option is evaluated and the decision to be made is a yes/no decision (e.g. the defendant is liable).

Watch these videos to learn more about the Legal Apprentice tools:

Overview of Legal Apprentice

See an overview of how Legal Apprentice is being used to analyze a body of case law related to the Vaccine Act.

Creating a Legal Apprentice Template

See a demo of how a template is created using Legal Apprentice.

Using a Template to Create a Case

This video shows how the template created in the last video is used to create a case.

Data Analysis and Mobile Access

A short video showing how analysis tools are used to analyze a body of cases.